About trustless MPC (tMPC)

io.finnet takes MPC and TSS technologies a step further with a platform called trustless MPC (tMPC). In tMPC, key shares are generated and stored on signers' own devices, rather than on io.vault's servers. This reduces reliance on io.vault as a trusted party.

trustless MPC is a combination of many concepts and "moving parts" that form the full MPC system of io.vault. This innovative technology stack introduces the concept of weighted signing (signer power), server-based signing engine (virtual signer), a robust and secure offline disaster recovery process, among other cutting-edge features.

With tMPC, even in a disaster scenario where io.vault is unavailable, signers can recover funds by pooling their key shares using an offline, open-source tool. The disaster recovery flow enables the reconstruction of the private key from a threshold number of signer backup files and passphrases.

By combining MPC, TSS, and tMPC, io.vault provides a robust, flexible, and trustless platform for secure management of digital assets. These cryptographic building blocks work together to enable high security with distributed trust.