Efficient management of multi-currency payments

Create, query, manage and automate your outgoing transactions to customers or external entities with our multi-currency payouts API. Our system supports a wide range of currencies and integrates seamlessly with various PSPs (Payment Service Providers) and EMIs (Electronic Money Institutions).

Payout Lifecycle Events

The following events will be emitted during the lifecycle of a payout. To receive webhook's for these events, see Notification Configuration API.

  • FLOW_PAYOUT_COMPLETED: The payout has been successfully processed and accepted.
  • FLOW_PAYOUT_RETURNED: The payout has been returned by the beneficiary bank.
  • FLOW_PAYOUT_UPSERT: An update or insertion of payout details has occurred.
  • FLOW_PAYOUT_FAILED: The payout has failed to process.
  • FLOW_PAYOUT_SUBMITTED: The payout request has been submitted.

Payout Returns

In certain cases, the beneficiary bank may refuse to process a payout. This situation can be represented in one of two ways in our system:

  1. Payout Return: The payout is returned, with the status of your payout request updated to RETURNED and a FLOW_PAYOUT_RETURNED event emitted.
  2. Returned as Payin: The payout is returned to the account as a payin. In this scenario, there are no references to the original payout in the system.

It is important to consider how your payin automation is implemented and how it may be affected by an incoming payin resulting from a returned payout.